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This anonymizer will hide your IP address from the websites you access as well as protect you from tracking with cookies and other means.

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Why would I hide my identity?

Anonymity allows people express themselves freely without having to consider the implications of it being traced back to their real identity. We strongly believe that's a right everyone should have (as long as they stay within the bounds of law) and we are highly disturbed by the ongoing crusade on privacy led by governments and large Internet companies alike. Now if everyone liked everyone else's opinions and tastes protecting your identity would be unnecessary. But in practice we often run into the risk of having what we say or do online used against us.

How do websites track me and how an anonymizer can help?

The most revealing means of tracking is your IP address. It's a numerical sequence used to identify computers on the Internet and route data between then. So by definition every website you are accessing needs to know your computer's IP address to send you any information. An IP address can be tracked down to your ISP and further to your name and residental address (although in most of the civilized world the latter supposedly requires a court order).

An anonymizer like this one hides your IP address by serving as a proxy. The anonymizer contacts the website on your behalf and forwards you all the data, so your computer never establishes a direct connection with the website.

Another widespread means of tracking is cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that a website can ask your browser to store on your computer and include in every request to that website. Cookies are used by almost every website out there to determine that a series of requests was made by the same user (for example, to remember that you are logged in, or the items you've put into a shopping cart). However they can also be used to track you accross different sites and build your "dossier" from various seemingly innocent bits of information you entrust them (or even just mere acts of viewing some pages on specific topics).

Recently analyzed sites

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